Syksylle 24 ilmoittautuminen käynnissä.

Paikat täyttyvät hyvää vauhtia, joten ilmoittaudu ajoissa.

Kesän CAMP kursseja vielä hetki saatavilla.

CAMPIT ota 3, maksa 2. Alennuksen saat automaattisesti kassalla.
Tule tyhyilemään tai vietä vaikka polttarit meillä.
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Joensuu and Kuopio Pole Dance and Dance Courses

Spring season 23

The season lasts 15 weeks again. Welcome!

Spring season in Joensuu Spring season in Kuopio
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Joensuu ja Kuopio

Syksykausi 24

Varaa paikkasi syksykaudelle 24. Joka toinen kurssi -20%

Kurssit Joensuussa Kurssit Kuopiossa

Payment methods are also Eazybreak , edenred , Smartum , tyky , e-passi and you can get a SYKE discount from us! When paying with these payment methods, contact

An invoice or installment payment is also possible!

Joensuu courses

Dream in Kuopio and Joensuu

Don't miss your place, act on time!

Kuopio Courses

Dance studio Dream - Pole dance and Dance - Joensuu and Kuopio

Dance studio Dream offers high-quality dance lessons from children to adults!

Pole dancing courses are available from beginners to advanced level courses! Pole dancing courses have been available since 2012.

High-quality dance lessons, with a relaxed and youthful touch, currently in Joensuu and Kuopio !

You can find many dance styles from us!

e.g. Twerk, Commercial, Street, Shuffle, Dancemix and many more!

As our specialty, we can also mention children's pole dancing , which is a really popular and fun group exercise.

You can book private lessons from us with a group of friends or a work group. Contact

Eazybreak , edenred , Smartum , tyky , e-passi are also accepted as payment methods and you can also get a SYKE discount from us! When paying with these payment methods, contact

It is also possible to attend classes with a one-time fee:
Dance lesson €15
Pole lesson €20

We also plan occupational well-being exercise services as a course. Fun and versatile exercise!
Come and dance at Dream!

The dance studio does not have insurance for students.

The courses are implemented if the minimum number of participants is met.

The dance studio has zero tolerance for alcohol.

Registration for the course is binding.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Directions to the Kuopio studio

The entrance is a bit hidden, so here are some instructions for finding the entrance for our new customers. That is, you will find the entrance door when you come from Tulliportinkatu, next to K-Market Pelimie, on the right side, after the parking area. Dream's door is the last on the left.