Twerk Intermediate +16y. (Spring 2021)

Twerk Intermediate +16y. (Spring 2021)

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  • Lesson duration: 55 minutes
  • Time of the lesson: Tuesdays at 20:00

Welcome to shake, spin and shelve! In the class, different hip movement techniques are practiced and choreographies lasting a few weeks are made, combining twerk and Jamaican dancehall, but the main focus is on hip movements. Fun, a good atmosphere and enjoying your own body are the most important themes of the course, everyone can progress at their own pace.

In the intermediate level, we progress from the basics to the next level!

You don't need previous experience for the beginner's course, for Sunday's follow-up class we hope to master the language of hip movement.

For equipment for the twerk class you need:

  • leggings or shorts
  • thick knee pads
  • you can dance with or without shoes.