PoleKids Advanced level

PoleKids Advanced level

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Spring season 23.1. - 14 May 2023 (15 weeks)


Director: Anita

Duration: 55 minutes
Time: Thursdays at 17:00

Poledance kids class combines body control, fitness, and dance. A very great activity for children! Happy exercise that will surely bring joy to many children even years from now. Lots of tricks in class that increase body control. The exercise is done using a floor-to-ceiling pole.

PoleKids Basics:
- a new student in the polekids course
- previously practiced, who wants to develop basic movements

PoleKids Elementary Continuation:
-has known or knows how to go upside down on the pole (knows basic invert)

PoleKids Intermediate:
-can do e.g. Butterfly tricks, i.e. upside down initial tricks

Polekids Advanced level:
-is ready for Ayesha's training or already knows how
-really good body control

PoleKids Open:
-for all levels

For equipment for the class you need:

  • Short clothes (e.g. top and shorts)
  • A small towel
  • A drinking bottle

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