David Gomez Workshops
David Gomez Workshops

David Gomez Workshops

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David Gomez Workshops Lauantaina 18.5.2024
instagram @drakodance_

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Hip Hop Commercial kello 13:30-15:00 (90 minuuttia)

In this class we will use fundamentals of some styles of Hip Hop Dance among some other styles fused with more commercial choreography that would be urban steps more grooves and fun. This fusion is very good since the Hio Hop dancers and the dancers can have a very good class. who have never danced hip hop, the focus of this class is to learn some hip hop technique along with a choreography that you can enjoy

Reggaeton Sensual kello 16:00-17:30 (90 minuuttia)

This style is one of the newest in the evolution of reggaeton, we are going to learn the bounce and grooves of the true reggaeton of Latin America, but this time taking it to the most sensual part, it is not a kind of sexy style or women's style, this class goes beyond just steps of women is to take your sensual part to the maximum

Yksityistunteja voit kysellä lauantaille meiltä info@dream.fi tai instagramissa @drakodance_

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