Commercial +16 years
Commercial +16 years

Commercial +16 years

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Commercial 6.9. - 25 October 2021 (7 weeks)
Time: Mondays at 17:30
Duration: 55 minutes

Director: Catarina

Commercial is a fusion dance of many dance styles. In the class, we practice performing choreographies and being present with strong self-confidence. Choreographies can use e.g. hip hop, jazz or familiar themes and movements from music videos. With Commercial classes, you immediately get into the fast-paced world of dance and are therefore also great for beginners. The most important thing is that you dare to throw yourself, it won't go right!
Please bring shoes suitable for dancing and a drinking bottle to class.


My name is Catarina Ramos and I graduated from Helsinki Media High School in 2019. During my gap year, I completed the Basics of Dance Pedagogy at Helsinki Summer University. In autumn 2021, I will start my dance teacher studies at Savonia University of Applied Sciences.
I started children's dance when I was 2.5 years old and since then I haven't lived without dancing for a moment. Ballet has always been close to my heart, but in 2009 jazz swept me away. Along with jazz dancing, I have also dabbled in other sports, e.g. street, commercial, broadway Styles and show. I have worked as a dance teacher since 2018, teaching children to adults regardless of the sport. As a teacher, I am versatile and I want everyone to feel successful in my classes. In addition to teaching dance, I have also guided exercise classes for under-school age children. See you in class!

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