Poledance Beginner to Advanced Adults
Poledance Beginner to Advanced Adults

Poledance Beginner to Advanced Adults

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Spring term 23.1.-14.5.2023 / Duration 15 weeks (weekly 10 vacation weeks)

Poledance Beginner's Continuation

Director: Ira

  • Duration: 55 minutes
  • Time: Fridays at 17:30

Everyone who is interested in the sport is welcome to the beginner pole dance course. Body control, mobility, and basic pole dance movements are practiced in the classes, you will quickly notice the development, both in skills and strength levels!

Pole dancing combines body control, fitness and dance. The sport especially develops muscle strength, mobility and coordination. Besides that, pole dancing boosts self-esteem. Poledance is the world's most popular form of exercise. The exercise is done using a floor-to-ceiling pole. Pole dancing is suitable for all basically healthy women and men – regardless of age, size or body structure. No previous exercise or dance experience is necessary. We do not recommend pole dancing for pregnant women. The roots of pole dancing go back to the circus world, where it is a showy acrobatic sport. The sport's form of fitness has established itself as a mainstream hobby. Poledance from beginners to advanced level.

Also good as a bachelor party!

For equipment for the class you need:

  • Short clothes (e.g. top and shorts)
  • A small towel
  • A drinking bottle