Kangoo Power™️ Basics (7 weeks)

Kangoo Power™️ Basics (7 weeks)

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Kangoo Power™️ 7-week STARTER set! Book your shoes in time if you want to!

Time: Thursdays at 18:00
Duration: 55 minutes

Director: Margaret

Our instructor Margareetta trained as a Kangoo Jumps®️ instructor in Turku, so we were able to offer this great class in Joensuu as well!

What is Kangoo Power™️?

The Kangoo Jumps®️ jumping shoe was originally developed as a rehabilitation tool for athletes recovering from leg injuries. The shoe absorbs the impact on the joints by up to 80%, so bouncing is very suitable for e.g. those with knee problems.

The shoes are safe to use and are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Exercising with bouncy shoes improves endurance and muscle strength, and above all is FUN!

Welcome to test!

Long socks for class.

You can find a few shoes for rent in our studio and you can also order your own through us info@dream.fi

Choose your own kangoo shoes and join this great course!