Exotic Pole K18

Exotic Pole K18

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Autumn 22.8.-11.12.2022 (15 weeks)

Exotic Pole K18

Director: Susanna

Duration: 55 minutes
Time: Thursdays at 18:00

First contact with exotic? Or perhaps more experience in the background? The class is suitable for all levels, as the exercises and choreography can be adapted to suit everyone!

In the class, we will familiarize ourselves with the secrets of exotic through various technique exercises and choreography. Especially through choreography, we look for our own style, flow, small nuances that bring the movement to life.

The more detailed content will be refined according to the wishes of the course participants.
You can participate in the class with or without shoes suitable for pole dancing. In addition, it is recommended to protect the knees with knee pads/shin guards.

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